Saturday, February 14

The agony of being a Dodger Fan

I’ve been a Dodger Fan since 1981 and I became a loyal fan because all the Domincan Player they had in the team and in the farm. My home town team the Licey Tigers had a working agreement with the Dodgers at the time and we saw many Dodger prospects play for licey, players like Mike Scioscia, Orel Hershiser, Greg Brok among others, that agreement was broken after the 1988 season, the last season the Dodgers won a playoff game. I’m not saying that’s the reason why the Dodger’s have not won a playoff game.

Later in the early 1990’s I lost a little interest in Dodger’s baseball and I began to follow the Toronto Blue Jays, again for all the Dominican Players they had, in that years the Blue Jays won 2 World Series and the GM was Dodger candidate Pat Gillick.

But why I’m suffering as a Dodger Fan?

I’ve been following the Dodgers very closely in the past seasons, specially in the last 3 or 4, I remember Kevin Malone coming to the Dominican Republic trying to convince Felipe Alou, now manager of the Damn Giants, Mr Alou almost accept the job but turn it down to stay with the expos, many people thought he did not take it because he can’t manage a big market team.
Instead of Alou we hire another manager, it’s the 2nd or 3rd option.

But moving forward to last year, the 2003 season was a frustrating season for me, first I install at the end on 2002 a DirecTV system to follow Dodgers games, I was very excited about it, in the Dominican Republic they show a lot of Red Sox Games because of Pedro Martinez.

Most of the games start at 7:00pm (Pacific Time) we are in Eastern time, so I had to stay late most of the weeks, to one point I said that I would not watch any more dodgers games, it was too hard for me.

Last season every morning first thing I looked out in the local newspaper was the scoreboard, but the Dodgers were not there because the time they finished the game, sometimes they had a score thru the 6th or 7th inning, so first thing at work was to look for the result, the Answer? The Dodger offense blew another great effort from a pitcher.

When the July 31 trade deadline approach I remember a lot of rumors of players going to the Dodger, but guess what? None came to the Dodgers, I was frustrated, it was July 31 and the deadline was at 4:00pm, Aaron Boone was rumored to go to the Dodgers, but no, he went to the Yankees.

That was during the season, the off-season has been no different, I still have hope that something good will happen to the Dodgers. In October they announced that the team has been sold to some guy from Boston, HOPE, There still HOPE, but NO, again I had to suffer watching all the other teams signing players and the Dodgers sign Jeremy Giambi.

Every day, twice a day I check the web on Dodger news to see if anything has happens, but no, all I see it’s old news and more rumors.
Now we have the dilemma of searching for new GM, but with our luck, the one we like will no take the job and we will hire a 2nd option.

I hope for the best this season, but honestly, I’m loosing any hopes.

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