Wednesday, February 11

Campo Las Palmas, Paradise that Saw Pedro Martinez Rise

Article published on the Official Dominican Baseball League Webpage about Dodgers Training Facility in the Domincan Republic Dodger's Campo Las Palmas.

Campo las Palmas is 40 minutes from Santo Domingo, has developed players for the Dodgers like Pedro and Ramon Martinez, Pedro Astacio, José Offerman, Henry Rodriguez, Juan Guzman Juan Guzman, Who by the way was traded to the Blue Jays for Mike Sharperson Another Bad Trade for the Dodgers, Mariano Duncan, Omar Daal, Ismael Valdez and Recently Victor Alvarez.

Al Campanis and Ralph Avila founded Dodger Academy, Avila moved to the DR in 1974, he first came in 1971 when Campanis realized that with closed due to the revolution, the next best country was the DR, he order Avila to work in the country and in 1974 he finally moved to the DR.

The Academy started in 1974 in Quisqueya Stadium and in the Olympic Center, moved later to the City Of La Romana, and in 1984, Peter O'Malley decide to build in the Town of San Luis Guerra, it was a sugar cane field.

"Peter O'Malley liked the place, for it's privacy, the construction began in 1984 and it took 3 years and finally was open in march 21, 1988.

In Campo Las Palmas they teach player everything, from english , american culture and baseball fundamentals.
The Dodger play in the Domincan Summer League, they have 2 teams.

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