Wednesday, February 11

Jose Lima's comments

Jose Lima, recently signed by the Dodgers to a minor league contract, worth a guaranteed 1.0 million if he makes the roster.
Lima told reporters from local news paper El Caribe.Lima Interview that he's confidence that he will gain a spot in the rotation, that he's in very good shape at 191 lbs, similar to 1999 when he won 21 games for Houston Astros.

If Lima put he's mind into baseball like he did last season with the Royals he can be a tremendous addition to Dodgers pitching staff, what i don't like is that he's going to Spring Training looking for a spot in the rotation, Lima have a big mouth and a see a problem if he see a demotion to the minor or refusal to go to the bullpen.
Lima is a Amateur musician and has a Merengue Band, i hope he puts a his musical career behind an focus on his baseball career. If Lima does that and accept a Bullpen Job i see a tremendous season for him as a Dodger Pitcher, he can be a guarantee in case of injuries by Dodgers pitching staff.
Lima also said that he's 2 months shy of getting Major League Baseball Pension, he's not it for the money, he had plenty of it, for my readers to have an idea US 1 million = 52 million pesos.

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