Wednesday, February 11

The Pedro Martinez Interview

Last December Pedro Martinez gave an interview to a local news station
Cadena de Noticias, the reporter was Alicia Ortega, in that interview Pedro remembers his days in the Dodger Organization.

He recalls that his dream was to pitch aside his big brother Ramon, his last season with the dodgers 1993, he had a 10-5 record coming from the bullpen, he said that has proven to the Dodgers his capabilty to pitch in the majors.

But in that offseason he was in a Vacation in the town of Samana and when he returns home his brother Ramon told him that Dodgers GM Fred Claire called to tell him that he was traided to the Expos, hi did not believed and thought his brother was kidding, he called Claire and heard the news himself.
He was shoked by the news, his brother was very encouraging.

When he went to expos training camp Manager Felipe Alou gave him confidence and earned a spot in expos rotation.

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