Wednesday, March 17

About Dodgers news

Being in love is a great thing, specially the first moments, the first kiss etc, but being in love and not being loved is a hard thing, sometimes you give up and other times you keep trying.

When you love something is hard to let go, that's the case between the Dodgers and I, I really love the Dodgers!.

I've been reading some many posts a news about the new owners and how bad they are, but I think they deserve a chance, everybody does.

I don't think anyone will buy a Baseball team just for the fun of it, unless you're a drug dealer and have money to waste, let's give some credit to new owners.

Everybody was complaining about Fox ownership, about the trades they make, about how they make the Dodgers became a bad team.

I'll ask permission to all those Bloggers that had write many lines about the Dodgers, maybe the language will prevent me to say what I really want to say here.

The Mcourts had made may bad declarations, many people want them out of L.A but they're the one risking their money (borrowed or not), they are making and effort, they're trying.

Other people tried to buy the Dodgers, but for some reasons did not reached an agreement with FOX.

About the resignations, maybe the Dodgers need a whole different front office, the Dodgers have not win a playoff game since 1988!, I don't doubt they were good persons and highly qualified professionals, but the fact is that the Dodgers since the 80's are making bad trades after bad trades.

Many of you might think, and if you do I give you the reason, I'm not from L.A, not even from the U.S. but to me to watch a Dodgers game I have to sleep less hours (we have a 4 hour difference with the west coast), it's sacrifice but watching the Dodgers play is worth it, even if they lose 2-1.

It's not fare to the Mcourts, I think they deserve a chance.

I prefer and owner who really wants the team, and he does, like I said no one will risk so much just for the fun.

About the trades, I prefer Depodesta to wait rather then have a bad trade that will hurt us more, I rather not win this year and win the next 3 or 4 years, afterall, what's one more year?

Maybe the Philosophical differences between the Mcourts and the ex-Dodgers staff are for good, maybe the executives that will arrive have a deferent way of doing things, a way that can bring the Dodgers a winning Season.

In the Dominican Republic academy, the Dodgers fired last year Pablo Peguero, he was the head scout here, but the last Dominican Player who made the big team was Adrian Beltre, this is an example that things were not right.

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