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Dominicans on the American League East Division

UPDATE: i made the stupid mistake of moving Detroit back to east division, sorry...

As i promise a little review of Dominican Players in American League East and a little about them.

Boston Red Sox

Pedro Martinez
There's no much to say about Pedro, he's one the greatest pitchers in the game, he's a very simple person, Pedro is From Manoguayabo, 15 minutes from Santo Domingo, he's an idol there, he helps a lot of people, if you need something like medicines for your kid he does not give you the money, he buys you the medicine, he's a role model, you've never heard of him involved in any scandals, he's family man, have some kids but never talks about them to protect they privacy. Last played in the 94-95 season for Licey Tigers

Manny Ramirez
He's a quiet man, specially in the U.S., but not a bad person, a very shy person, don't know much about what he does in the Winter, haven't played in Winter Baseball in years, he played for Aguilas.

David Ortiz
David it's a big boy, very kind and friendly, a hip hop fan, David hit one of the largest HR i ever seen in Quisqueya Stadium, he plays for Escogido Lions, he played last season in the final weeks of the regular season but could not help much his team. He played in the Carribean Series.

Baltimore Orioles

Miguel Tejada
2002 AL MVP, Miguel Play for Cibao Aguilas in the Winter League, i really admire him because no matter what he plays with his team, and he plays hard, very hard, he's an awesome, is worth any peso to watch him play, he's very quiet and a family man.

José Baustista
José is not the typical Dominican Player, he's a middle class kid from Santo Domingo, went to a good school and traveled with his family in 1999 and graduated from High School, he plays for Licey and it's third base but played in the OF for Licey, he was selected this year in the Rule V from the Pirates and will have to stay in the big team roster or offered to the pirates for 25k, he's fast and have good contact, it's fun to watch him to play.

José Morban
Last year Rule V selection for tje Orioles, this year will play in Triple A, plays for Escogido in the Winter League.

Daniel Cabrera, don't have many info on him. i will look more about him.

Detroit Tigers

Franklin German Closer to be
of the Tigers this year, he plays for Escogido in the Dominican Winter League.

Carlos Peña, ex Texas and A's prospect, have a great defense but lack of power, plays for Licey in the Winter, last year had a great season in the Winter, got married in december but return to Licey in January.

NRI are Esteban Yan (P) and Pablo Ozuna (IF)

And of Course The Dams Yankees.
Alex Rodriguez, 2003 AL MVP, traded to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano, Rodriguez plays now third base, there's no need to write about him, he played for Escogido in the 1993-1994 season, it went bad for him, very bad, next year he teared down the league, did not qualify for Rookie of the Year.

Jorge DePaula, pitched well last year in he's debut, have a tendency to gain weight, have good potential according to Yankees Staff.

Enrique Wilson, will play 2B for the Yankees, with the offensive they have even Alex Cora can play 2B there.

NRI, Erick Almonte, does not have a chance to make the team, played last year when Dereck Jeter was on the DL.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Jesus Colome, Jesus was involved in a car accident last year, 2 persons were killed, Jesus was not driving at the time of the accident.

Jorge Sosa, pitched for Licey in the Winter League, have great stuff, it's suppose to make the team.

Julio Lugo, was realesed last year by Houston, claimed by TB, he was involved in a incident with his wife, was absolved.

NRI, Ex Tigers Deivi Cruz, plays for Licey in the Winter League, has not played there in while, made an attempt last year but did not fit in the team. Also trying to make the team is Fernado Tatis, remembered for hitting to Grand Slams in the same inning against Chan Ho Park of the Dodgers.

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