Tuesday, March 23

I'm beginning to like him

You might thinks that just i'm from the Dominican Republic i must like and root for all Dominican Players. but no, i do hate some, i don't like Felipe Alou because he's the Giants manager and i hate the Giants.
Some times as a fan you don't like players just because they play for a team that you don't like, and sometimes this same player signs with a team you like and your opinion on that player beggins to change, that's the case with Jose Lima, i made the mistake of not liking him without looking into his player skills.

I remember one game in Estadio Quisqueya, Licey against Escogido and José Lima, he put a show in the mount, striking out batters and dancing and screaming at batters, i was furious, god! how i hated this guy, but anyway he beat us, he made fun of us fans screaming at him, he put his show and had fun.

Now he's with the Dodgers a team that never smiles, at least not on TV, i don't know how's the dogout, but apparently is Changing and Lima is a big part of it.

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