Friday, March 19

McCourts son start in the Dominican

Drew, the 22 year old son of the new owner of the Dodgers started training where most international players start, Campo Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic.

As same as many Dodgers players Drew started his career in the Dominican Republic. "It's excitating. I feel like a child with a new toy", said little McCourt yesterday, when finishing his 2 days visit to the Dominican Republic. It was his first international assigment as an especial assistant to the office of GM Paul Depodesta.

Tha plan is that Drew gets involved in the team business and get prepared to have a bigger role in the future. But at the moment he was assigned to help GM Paul Depodesta in baseball issues.

"The best of all this is thati'm surrounded by people who knows their job and are willing to teach me, the Dodgers are sort of a UN", McCourt said.

At Least their teaching him the right way, not giving him a front office job.

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