Monday, March 8

Pacific Invasion

The United States of America invade the Dominican Republic in 1916 and again in 1965, from those two invasions we learned some good and bad things.

Now we’re invading USA, but it’s a pacific invasion with more than 100 polayers that are in spring training trying to gain a spot in a MLB roster, some will not make it and will go down to the minors but many other have already a spot in the roster and a few will make the team for the fist time.

This off season the most wanted players where Dominicans, the better contracts where signed by Dominicans.

The Dominican Players have to work very hard to get to the Big Leagues, they have to learn a new language and overcome many troubles, for example, when Mark McGuire as a teenager was playing baseball in school, or doing who knows what, Sammy Sosa was cleaning Pedro Guerrero’s shoes in San Pedro de Macoris.

Now it’s a little different because of the Baseball academies.

For the 2004 season all teams but Colorado will have a Dominican Player in their roster, some teams have in a Dominican Players their best paid players, let’s take a look:

Anaheim Angels.

Vladimir Guerrero 11.5
Bartolo Colon 9.9
Ramón Ortiz 2.2

Boston Red Sox

Manny Ramírez 17.185
Pedro Martinez 15.5

Chicago Cubs

Sammy Sosa 16.8
Moisés Alou 9.5
Aramis Ramirez 3.0

And the list goes on, Albert Pujols just signed a 100.0 million contract and Miguel Tejada a 70.0 million contract.

But let’s look at last year stat, almost in every category there was a Dominican Player involved, I will include A-Rod, he was born in New York, but his parents are Dominican and in several news conference and reports he claims that he feels Dominican, an example is Moises Alou, he was born in Atlanta, GA, but was raised here.

2003 American League Offensive Stats.

Home Runs
1- Alex Rodriguez – TEX 47
7- Manny Ramirez – BOS 37
11- David Ortiz – BOS 31
23- Miguel Tejada- OAK- 27

Batting Average

2- Maní Ramírez BOS .325


2- Alex Rodríguez TEX 118
10- Miguel Tejada OAK 106
14- Manny Ramírez BOS 104

NL Homeruns

4- Albert Pujols STL 43
6- Sammy Sosa CHI 40
21- Aramis Ramirez 27
25- Vladimir Guerrero 27


4- Albert Pujols
9- Aramis Ramírez
14- Sammy Sosa

Dominican Players Facts.

The Anaheim Angels had their key additions in Dominican Players; Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon and Jose Guillen.

The Baltimore Orioles had their biggest addition in Miguel Tejada.

The San Francisco Giants have a Dominican Manager, who won the Manager of the Year award in 1994, the Kansas City have Tony Peña as their manager and the Montreal Expos have Dominican GM in Omar Minaya. Several Dominicans are coaching in MLB and Minor League Baseball.

The Chicago Cubs had last season in some point of the season their 3-4-5 Dominican Lineup in Aramis Ramirez, Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou.

168 players are invited or are in 25 rosters in MLB Teams.

Only the Colorado Rockies are not projected to have at least a Dominican Player in their roster.

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