Wednesday, March 24

A trip to the sun and Baseball

A day in a Dominican Ballpark.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Dominican Player do in the Winter, where he hangs out. what do they eat here, what do they look like in a different uniform, you can have all of your questions answered if you make a trip to the Domincan Republic in January.

I’ve been to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, Yankee Stadium in NY and Fenway Park in Boston.

I’ll try to explain the feeling of being here in a stadium and how much we enjoy baseball here.

To start in American Ballparks they stop selling beer in the 7th inning, in the Dominican they stop when they ran out, here we can buy hard liquor, yes!, from Brugal Rum to Dewars White Label, but despite the alcohol, the heat of the game you don’t see to many fights.

In Dodger Stadium you have Dodgers Dog, here you can eat from Pizza to Fried Chicken.

A guide to attend a game in the Dominican Republic.

If you ever want to attend a game here I will recommend January, most regular players starts to play in late December to get ready to Round Robin in January, so from October to December you’ll see mostly AA players, but in January most bib leagues players are playing, don’t expect to see a Sammy Sosa or Pedro Martinez playing here, but you’ll see a Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz, Luis Castillo and many others.

How to get here?

You can fly here from any city in the US, you might have to do a stop in Miami or New York, Santo Domingo is a less then two hour flight from Miami, and three from New York, From California is a 8 hour trip with a stop in Miami.
You can rent a car in the airport or online (Recommended), all major rent cars are available here, all credit cards are accepted.


In Santo Domingo we have all kind of hotels. From 55 a night to 180 or so, you can travel in taxi as well, a taxi ride from the airport to the Hotel is about 10 or 15 dollars, do not pay more than that.

You can arrange a weekend in the beach in all inclusive hotels for 120 per night.

The Stadiums.

We have 5 stadiums for proffesional baseball here, all 5 are proved by MLB, you can see them at

We have 5 Stadiums in the Dominican Republic, Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo was built in 1955, is not modern park but seats are nice, beware of bathrooms.
Estadio Quisqueya hosts Licey Tigers and Escogido Lions, in Santiago, a 90 minutes drive from Santo Domingo you can watch Cibao Eagles, San Francisco host the San Francisco Giants, in San Pedro de Macoris you can watch Estrellas Orientales, and in La Romana Toros del Este.

What to eat and Drink, ticket prices.

* Beer Presidente, 6% of alcohol, the best beer ín the World, just US$ 1.30
* Soda’s 58 cents (Coke and Sprite)
* Rum Brugal US$ 2.80
* Pizza US$ 1.00 per slide
You can also find Hotdogs for a dollar and Taco Bell Quesadilla's for less the two dollars.

As you can see prices are very affordable especially if you have dollars to exchange for pesos.

Seats go from less than a dollar in bleacher to 15 dollars for the best seat you can find, most of these seats belong to season ticket holders, but they are planty available.

All beverages are sealed and no risk at all, in some sections you have a personal service so don’t have to go the bar to get a drink.

Meet the Players

Dominicans are very friendly, if you arrive early to batting practice you can have the autograph of your favorite Dominican Player, they very friendly and especially if you are from out of town.

Music in the Stadium

You won’t listen a special song for every player, but you’ll see cheerleaders in the top of the dugouts dancing between innings and fans also dancing in top of their seats.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic is reasonable thing to do for your next vacations in January, especially if you leave in a cold weather, and if you want to see some baseball our's the best in the Caribbean.

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