Thursday, March 11

Update on the Telecast issue, a national Disgrace

According to Radio Report on "La voz del Fanatico" (The Fan Voice), a meeting took place in between a MLB represantative and the Dominican president and Sport council for the president Junior Noboa , also in the meeting was Dominican Central Bank president.

Acoording to the report the goverment is willing to pay the debt to MLB in order to broadcast the games, the debt is US 1.7 millions.

I can't believe Mr. Hipolito Mejia is considering paying US 1.7 millions to MLB when we have hospitals without medicines and Doctors and nurses in a strike demanding better salaries and equipment for the hospitals.

Mr. Mejia want's to use baseball telecasts to advertise his political campaign.

Apologies for writting about a non-baseball issue, but that one of the reasons my country is the situation of poverty, in a country that spend US 2.0 millions to organize a Carribean Series and the Goverment bought almost US 800,000 in tickets to give them away to friends.

Sorry again for writting about non-baseball issues.

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