Wednesday, April 7

Adrian... Shut up and play

Adrian Beltre is a player that every year is supposed to have a big year, every year he have a good second part and a mediocre first half.

Well, now with the addition of Milton Bradley he was demoted to the 7th spot in the lineup, yes Jim Tracy should talk to him and not let him find out when he arrived to the stadium.

In the other hand, Beltre has no right to complain to be demoted, he has done nothing to deserve to bat third, Beltre is a lazy player, he never played in the winter, maybe if he plays in the winter he'll get in better shape and have a better first half.

I'll give the example of Miguel Tejada, Miguel plays every winter in the Dominican Winter League, he don't play DH, he plays hard as any player in the team, he plays as a rookie trying to find a spot in the roster.

We have players like Sammy Sosa that don't play in the winter, but he plays well in the regular season, pitchers here that don't play stay running and throwing all winter.

But Beltre thinks he's a superstar and that he's not, he better settledown to earth and realize that he's a regular until he proves us wrong.

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