Tuesday, April 27

The Mondi Gate

Apparently the reason the Pirates are holding Mondsi salary is because Mario Guerrero lawyers notify MLB office in the Dominican Republic that they will hold the Pirates Dominican accounts if they payed Raúl.
The Pirates have an academy here and to avoid their accounts to be freezed they deciced to hold Mondesi paychecks.

Well, Mondesi contacted by Enrique Rojas, an AP reporter here asked Raúl about it and he said he'll quit the team if he's not payed on friday, he later backed off.

Well, apparantly the judge ruled in favor of Guerrero because the Toronto Blue Jays payed years ago for the work he did with Tony Fernandez.

Mondesi is not the only victim of Guerrero, he sued Geronimo Berroa for the same reason an won, Berroa's house, partment and account were taken away by a judge.

Modesi accounts and some properties were put on hold too.

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