Sunday, May 30

Baseball City, a new baseball academy in the Dominican Republic

In June 3 will be open the new academy named Baseball City, the Acadey will host the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamond Backs and Minnesota Twins, the presidents of each club will attend the inauguration of Baseball City.

The complex was build by former player Junior Noboa along with some partners.

Baseball City will have six full fiels and 2 half fields for infield practice,that means that all 4 teams can and will operate at the same time.

The complex is also full loaded with gyms, conference rooms, teaching rooms and facilities for sleeping.

RBI a progam that is being developed by MLB also will have a space here.

Friday, May 28

Mondesi signed by Angels

According to Raul Mondesi and a report by AP in Santo Domingo, According to the report Raul signed a 1 year 1.75 contract and will made his debut on Sunday in CF against Chicago.

The Angels spokeman could not denied or confirm the report.

The presence of several Dominican and other Latin players on the Angels' roster helped him make his final decision, he said.

"Jose Guillen has been my friend since childhood because we grew up together in the same town," Mondesi said. "I get along very well with Bartolo Colon, Vladimir Guerrero, Ramon Ortiz and Venezuelan Kelvim Escobar was my friend in Toronto."

Well, prepare to see Guillen, Guerrero and Colon eating sancocho and staying late along with Mondesi.

Apprently my yesterday report was accurate, but remember Mondesi is a liar, let's wait for a official report.

Good luck to the Angels, I won't root against them, but Mondesi did not deserve to be signed.

Poor Mondesi kids, they'll have to walk to school

Thursday, May 27

Adriano or Ramon?

Arizona Dominican prospect former known as Adriano Rosario is now Ramon Antonio Peña Paulino, that's a common case recently in Dominican Players, thanks god MLB is taking measures to solve this applying more controls in player signing. Espn report

Mondesi to sign with the Angels

According to a report in a local radio sport show, "La voz del Fanatico" is hours away to sign with the Anaheim Angels.

The report cme from Enrique Rojas, reporter to AP in the Dominican Republic, Enrique Rojas was the first one to report that Mondesi was quiting the Pirates and staying home.

He's a very reliable source since he's very close to many players.

Will post links as soon are available.


Rojas reports that Mondesi is returning today from Jimani, where he was giving food and other materials for the victims there, he also said that the Angels is the only team Raul is making negotiations with.

Mondesi the liar...

When all the issues began with Mondesi and Mario Guerrero I made a strong case in favor of Raul the liar, even knowing of his whereabouts in the winter and knowing that he quit his team in the semi-finals, knowing that he stay late and and never showed in time for a game. Despite that he was the reason the Dominican Republic lost a game in a Caribbean Series when he intend to throw out the runner at first from the RF.

Well, I thought he changed, that he was concerned about his family, now a report saids that he will sign with a team this week.

He does not deserve to be in any MLB team, if he signs with a team he deserve to be hit in the head...

I know nothing that I write here will prevent the signing of Mondesi, but at least I will not stop writing against him, I hope Mario Guerrero wins, if he lie about quitting the Pirates he might had lied about Guerrero too.

Ohhdalis, beat by a B utt

A throwing error by always reliable Adrian Beltre in the 12th gave the Dodgers a 2-1 loss to the Brewers, a tough break for the Dodgers, this and ward hitting for the cycle in a different uniform is to much! Demasiado! Hasta cuando seguiran los Dodgers ganando los juegos con el corazon en las manos?!

Body Transformation

I haven't seen a Picture of him, but Daryle Ward hit for the cycle last night, he have now 6hr and 16rbi. I guess Jon was right, LA was not his town, too bad he did not have that kind of season for the Dodgers, that makes me think about DodgerKid and his campaign to fire Jim Tracy, I don't agree with him, but something is wrong with the Dodgers, not only this season, or last season, since 1988.

Wednesday, May 26


I've been using as counter, recently the counter decided not to show in my blog, I switched to, but guess what is not showing either, I use WinXP Pro and MSIE 6.0, at work I use WinNT and works fine, I can't access the pages for those two counters either.

Can anynone have an idea of what's going on, i even tried to lower the security lever on Internet Explorer, downloaded Netscape and Firefox.

If you have any idea or suggestions, or know what's going please email me at

Tragedy in the Dominican Republic, Sosa and Mondesi to help

After a week of rain the town of Jimani, near the border with Haiti is now mourning the death of more than 200 residents and more than 200 are missing, the search is still on but finding survivors is unlikely. Report.

MLB players Raul Mondesi and Sammy Sosa are making contributions of 1 million Dominican Pesos (21,000 US dollars). Mondesi by the way is going to the site of the tragedy according to a newspaper report.

Things like this makes you think and thank for your health of you and your family, this is very sad, help is on the way, but the loss of human being is impossible to replace or made up.

RIP for all those Dominicans an Haitians who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Tuesday, May 25

Foul Balls

It's not about the Family, it's about Raul's Money

Now that Mr. Raul Mondesi is free to sign with any MLB team he's considering the idea of not driving his kids to school and sign with a team to play again this season, apparently The bad guy is not Mario Guerrero, how can we trust Raul after he left the Pirates for personal reasons and sold us the idea that is not about the money, it's all about the family who's not protected in the Dominican Republic, I bought this idea and was defending the one who had left his Winter League team before.

Well, apparently is not about the family, it's all about the money, Raul complained about his contract, apparently he is not happy with the reduction he had, he thought he had a 8 million contract but instead he had a 1.4 million with an option for 2005.

he sold us the idea that it was about the family, kids go to school in the winter, we don't have a winter in the Dominican Republic, he stays here from October to February, he don't drive his kids to school for the simple reason that schools starts at 8:00am and he's never sober and/or awake at that time, that's the simple truth.

Maybe if he plays serious ball in the winter and stays with his family hi would have 100 rbi's for the first time in his career.

Be a man and admit that you did not want to be with the Pirates, but guess what Raul? You don't deserve to be playing in the Majors.

Foul Balls 2

Barry Bonds in the Dominican Republic?

In the recent series between the Expos and Giants in Puerto Rico several Dominican Media Traveled to San Juan to cover the Giants-Expos series most of all because Felipe Alou and the Giants, well, some reporters approach Barry Bonds, and guess what, he talked to them for about 20 minutes and actually smiled, he told them that he's interested in comingo to our country in the winter, play some golf and have some night life in Santo Domingo, and of course go the beach.

Juan Marichal VS Barry Bonds

Asking hall of famer Juan MArichal about Bonds he told reporters that he would like to face Barry Bonds, and if the Manager asked him to walk Bonds with or without man on bases he would give the ball to the manager so he can throw it him self.

What do you think of a Barry Bonds - Sandy Koufax or Marichel Match up?

Sunday, May 23

Coming soon...

First at all I would like to say a big see you later to Terry at The Bench Coach, you will be missed.

In this days of sickness I've only read blogs to stay in touch with baseball, now I know I have a strange name thing and it will gone soon I hope.

If you wonder how's it feels? Well, like being drunk all the time.

My new e-mail is thanks google for the service and to get rid of hotmail.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to determine causes and treatment.

Well, see you soon.

Wednesday, May 19

Out of balance

Due to dizziness I'm out of blogging for the week. See you soon

Sunday, May 16

Mario "delinquent" Guerrero

Mario Guerrero time is coming, players are united against him, he will not succeed.

Pablo Peguero, former Dodgers employee, Campo las Palmas director, scout, the one who ran the academy when Mondesi was signed and signed him has Denied Guerrero story.

Pablo Peguero said that Mario Guerrero did not get involved in Mondesi development as a player, he also denied that Mondesi visa was arranged by Guerrero, the Dodgers did that, said Peguero. He's also willing to testify in a court in favor of Mondesi.

"I don't know were that story came from (the one that Guerrero trained Mondesi), because I can give you my word that I signed him before he turned 17 and Guerrero's name never was present" Peguero said. He also explained that Mondesi was playing with Lucho Camano League in San Cristobal and later was in the A's academy.

"One day he left the academy and Maximo Gross showed to me, I invited him to Campo Las Palmas and later signed him", Peguero said.

"I Will testify, because I can prove that when Mondesi was signed Guerrero's name never was present, there's no way that Guerrero can saw him because our players got in the academySundayy night and leftSaturdayy mornings" added Guerrero.

The truth is coming, soon Guerrero will be defeated, the players are supporting Mondesi and others.

Friday, May 14

Raul Mondesi, George Bell support and other news

Raul Mondesi talking to reporters about the lawsuit against him. "I will not give Mario Guerrero a peny of my money" said Raul during an interview in Santo Domingo. Posted by Hello

In a report in local news paper Raul talked about his legal issues.

In a recent news Guerrero lawyer made a public announcment to Mondesi to settle things with his client, Mondesi answer was NO.

Mondesi said that Guerrero met him in 1992, six years later of his signature with the Dodgers, he said that former pitcher Juan Guzman is being forced to be paid or to have the risk of loosing US$111,111 in legal expenses.

Guerrero has invited Mondesi to talk and settle off court, Raul declined the invitation and is willing to go as far as is needed, he said that if he settle or pay Guerrero he will do the same to other players.

All against Guerrero

Former Blue Jay George Bell is calling for Unity among Dominican Player to stop Guerrero from this. "Raul Mondesi, Juan Guzman, Geronimo Berroa and Neifi Perez can count with me because it's time to stop this", said Bell. he added "Mario Guerrero has no friends, Mario is doing big damage to those players", "I helped Juan Guzman when we were in Toronto,but what can Mario Guerrero can teach him about pitching?" "Mario can't teach baseball, if he were capable of teaching baseball he had to be working with his brother and nephews", his brother is Epy Guerrero, former Toronto Scout.

Mondesi is mad with his agent

Raul Mondesi is mad with his agent Jeff Moorad because we waited until the last minute to negatiate my contract and gave me few options, said Mondesi.

Thursday, May 13

Next Sunday, May 16th

My mind is not in baseball, my thoughts are in next sunday presidential elections in Dominican Republic, on Sunday we'll decide who will be our next president, if we want to stay with our current president who is a combination of a comedian and sarcastic-maniac person who had made our people more poor, to give just an example in August 2000 the exchange rate to buy a US dollar was 16x1, now is 45x1, in 2000 I earned 15,000 pesos that's US$ 937.50, now I earned 18,000 pesos and it's just US$ 400.00, you don't believe me? Well you better believe me.

Our current president is a person who reads a speech but can't argue or sustain what he reads, someone that embarrasses us everytime he open his mouth, some one that insults reporters, send people to jail just because they made a poll on radio show to see who you will vote for, the contest was Hipolito Mejia against El Diablo, and quest what? El Diablo won!

I apologies for writing about this, but I have to get this out of mind, the sad part is that Dominicans forget very easy, the Government is giving money away, and people might vote for them again, I guess every people deserves the government they have.

Wish us luck next Sunday, we'll need it!

Wednesday, May 12

Guerrero Strikes Back

Mario Guerrero, the one who sued Raúl Mondesi and forced him to retire "for the season" has new lawsuits against Giants Neifi Perez for US$ 163,000 and ex-Blue Jays/Dodgers/Devil Rays Juan Guzman for US$ 400,000, this report according to a local Radio Sport Show with reporter Bienvenido Rojas today.

Apparently Mario Guerrero wants to made the money he did not made in his player career.

Pacific time

Last season i watched almost every Dodger Game that was telecast on DirecTV, we have a 3 hour difference in the Dominican Republic, so when the game beggins is 10:00pm here and add 1 hour in the winter or fall, anyway i managed to stay awake to watch the game, it was a 1 run difference games that the Dodgers lost it anyways, by the end of the season i said to myself not to loose any sleep because of the Dodgers, this year they are winning games and i cannot watch them on DirecTV.

Cadena de Noticias is airing the games, but they air East coast games, mostly Boston or Cubs games, on Saturday they announced Dodgers-Pirates, but they choose to air Expos-Cardinals, so once again i had rely on the Net and Gamecast.

Yesterday thay announced Cubs-Dodgers, and again they aired the Pedro game (taped at 10:00pm), thanks god for WGN.

Thanks to WGN i got to see one the few Dodgers game this season, i got to see Jason first career HR, but again it was too late and i missed half the game strugling to stay awake, tonight they will be no telecast on WGN, but tomorrow i'll take a pre-game nap to stay awake.

Dominican Players new look

Dominican Players has change, just the template, i also included new blogger comments, i'm still trying to post pictures to the Blog.

I hope you like the new look...

Monday, May 10

Good luck Raul

A young kid in Dominican fiels only dreams of becoming a major league player, they do everything to became one, but just a few can make it.

Raúl Mondesi is one of those cases, but like many others many people took advantage of him, when a player come home for Xmas everyone wants to be near them just to get something, that's the case of Raúl, Mondesi just announced today that he'll retire for the reminder of the season as Jon reported today, thanks Jon by the way, i did not have the time earlier to do so.

According the Enrique Rojas, AP and ESPN stringer for the Dominican Republic he talked to Raúl today, Mondi was very stressed because of his legal issues, everyday he heard of a new property confiscated, this news turned out to be false, he could not concentrate on baseball.

Talking to Mondesi interesting news were found, for example his agent told him that he signed a 8 million contract, but it was a 1.1 million with an option year by the club, he found out in spring training and kept playing, later the team held his salary.

Well, his family and sons were very scared of the situation here and Mondi decided to make a trip here and take care of things by himself.

Today he drove his kids to school for the first time in his life, he said that he would not change that for anything.

he'll seat the rest of the season, i hope he can solve all his problems and keep his well earned money.

Good luck Raúl, you deserve better...

Friday, May 7

Ups and Downs, Surprises of the first month.

April is gone, may is on his way, a few surprises, some disappointments for Dominican Players and their teams.

First surprise is the Dodgers in first place tied with the Madres, and Adrian Beltré hitting 389, 9 hr and 25 rbi’s, people had talk about his potential, some suggest to trick him to made him believe in August in April, apparently has worked so far. He’s second to Barry Bonds in BA. And 4th in slugging with 704.

Duaner Sanchez is another surprise, no one expect him to made the team, he made it because of and injury to other player, but so far he had performed well.

Another big surprise is Cleveland Ronnie Belliard, he was born in NY but he’s more Dominican than anyone here, he plays for Licey in the Winter and is the heart of this team, he was a free agent this winter and signed with Cleveland to play second base, in the winter he played Third Base to make room for Luis Castillo at second and D’Angelo Jimenez and Cristian Guzman at short stop, he played the best defense in the league, but his bat was to heavy for him, but we loved him for the runs he saved with his glove. So far his batting 379 with 11 RBI and 11 doubles. Expect Belliard to decline his batting average.


The most disappointment had been Pedro Martinez, not only for his performance but for his comments, keep your mouth closed and if you are not performing well, you will be good again, but in the meantime Shut up!!

Thursday, May 6

The passion of TJ

I don't live in LA, i don't even live in the United States, i've only been in LA once, i've been only once to Dodger Stadium, but i consider myself a true Dodger Fan, i follow and root for the Dodgers all year long, not only in spring training and the regular season.

I've been reading TJ Simers columns for a while now, i've been missing his comments since the Dodgers are in first place in the weak NL west, Mr. Simmers has strike again, he remembered that in LA there's a team called Dodgers.

Seems that Mr. Simers can't write any positive about LA sports teams, maybe he should write for San Francisco media instead, for the comments i read about him no one in LA wants him or like his work.

I would like the Dodgers to go the Playoffs to see what TJ will write about.

Wednesday, May 5

Mondesi to be paid

The Pirates will pay Mondi

Baseball Team for Sale

The Escogido Lions are for sale, after months of denial some reports said that the sale is almost done, Escogido is the other team that plays in Santo Domingo, Licey, current national and caribbean champion share Estadio Quisqueya with Escogido.

Escogido has not won a championship since the 1991-1992 season, in that ocassion Felipe Alou was the Manager.

This team had several Major League Players in their roster like David Ortiz, Rafael Furcal, Neifi Perez among others thay failed one way or another.

In the past they was a rivalry between Licey and Escogido, now is Licey and Miguel Tejada's Aguilas.

Miguel Batista said that he will not play for Escogido as long as the Aquino family runs the team.

Monday, May 3

Happy Birthday to me!

Today i'm 32, so no posting today, not because of my birthday, but because of work, today will be a busy day.

Sunday, May 2

Pedro, his feelings and the Dodgers

Rob at 6-4-2 links to a story about Pedro Martinez considering the Dodgers as a destination for next season, this is not new, in spring training he gave an interview to Manny Mota Pedro talks about the Dodgers.

To be honest I don't think Pedro is the same power pitcher, but he'll make the adjustments to be a great pitcher again, remember that he's the skinny man from a poor country that the Dodgers trade him because of his weight, but remember this, he will be a success again, he's not young anymore, i don't think he's 32 like the records told us, he's older, maybe 2 or 3 years older, he's going to rebound but not with the Dodgers.