Wednesday, May 5

Baseball Team for Sale

The Escogido Lions are for sale, after months of denial some reports said that the sale is almost done, Escogido is the other team that plays in Santo Domingo, Licey, current national and caribbean champion share Estadio Quisqueya with Escogido.

Escogido has not won a championship since the 1991-1992 season, in that ocassion Felipe Alou was the Manager.

This team had several Major League Players in their roster like David Ortiz, Rafael Furcal, Neifi Perez among others thay failed one way or another.

In the past they was a rivalry between Licey and Escogido, now is Licey and Miguel Tejada's Aguilas.

Miguel Batista said that he will not play for Escogido as long as the Aquino family runs the team.

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