Saturday, June 19

Blue night

The Dodgers Won! this was not any victory, it was against the most hated team in MLB, but I'm not going to write about the game, if you want to feel what I felt read
Rob at 6-4-2
recap of the game, it's better than ESPN recap because it has feelings, and for the preview and great stat pay a visit to Jon at Dodger Thoughts.

Last night vicory was special for several reasons, the most obvious is the we beat the Yankees, but it was very special for Weaver, he got the win against the team who trated him, maybe this will be the boost he needs to regain confidence and be the pitcher avery Dodger fan expects.

For Juan was a good night as well, his RBI was for the go ahead run, he's been a little better in the last seven days.

But it was better for Dodgers fans who really deserved that win, specially those in Dodger Stadium.

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