Tuesday, June 8

Danny Almonte, the next big Dominican star

Danny Almonte is a kid from Moca, a town in the north side of our country, his mother is sick and have to get a shot every day, his son is in New York playing baseball and will have a tryout for MLB teams this weekend, he's not eligible for a draft until 2006, he sure will have a big signing bonus, but now he can't accept help for his mother because will be against NCAA rules, he does not want to be involved in another scandal.

Speaking of scandals, a few years ago it was discovered that he was 2 years older, 14 not 12 at the time he was playing little league baseball and his team victories and his records were taken away along with his dignity.

I remember many people making fun of him, now he's playing in the Finals again, in his last game he was the difference.

he has a very promising career ahead, I hope the adults that are near him don't make the same mistakes.

Update: for all of those people who made fun of him, or made fun of any Dominican Player who alters his age to have a better chance I invite you to spend an hour in their lives, it's wrong to make a false document, but that does not give you the right to make fun of them, Danny is now dominating his team in batting, now he's 18?

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get off of his small balls