Friday, June 11

An eye catching series for Dominicans

This weekend series in Boston will be a very followed one, two teams with a lot of tradition and many fans will play in a 3 game series.

This two teams have 10 Dominican players on their rosters, the Dodgers have 6 and the Red Sox 4, L.A is the MLB team with most Dominicans on their roster, followed by the Angels.

The Dodgers have lost many fans since they won it all in 1988, Dodgers fans are usually older than 25, but Boston have the most fans here because of Pedro, Manny and David.

Sunday game will be on national TV, every baseball fan here will watching Pedro against the Dodgers, it's going to be the only game I wish Pedro loose.

The Dodgers have great tradition here in the Dominican Republic, Tom Lassorda has being manager 2 times here, the Dodgers had working agreements with Escogido, Licey and Toros, by the way, they break the agreement with Licey after the 1988 season and you know the rest of the story, no postseason wins since then.

Well, good luck to the Dodgers this weekend, they'll need it.

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sarah said...

Hi Raul! Good game tonight - Dodgers almost pulled it out thanks to Manny's error, but Ortiz came through for us. When did Odalis Perez get so good?? I can't wait until Sunday to watch Pedro pitch! This should be a really good series. May the best team win! Buena suerte, cuidate, sarah