Friday, August 27

Less then 48 seconds to Glory, our first Gold Medal in the Olympics... Posted by Hello


sarah said...

hola raul! una pregunta: (just out of curiosity) you're always talking about how you don't consider alex rodriguez to be dominican. why? yo pienso que a-rod es muy americanizao (es una palabra? lol) i'm just wondering what you think. :) sarah

raultavares said...

Hi Sarah, he's the one denying his Dominican roots, he had said that he considers himself very Dominican, but his attitud as you wrote, el esta muy americanizado...

If the world cup take place i'm sure he'll play for the USA.

sanpeasdre said...

Hi Raúl,

This is my first visiting your blog and I have to say that I really like the things you write about.

Since your blog is english, my comment will be in english too ;-).

Congratulations to all the dominican people for this gold medal. Don't pay any attention to people who say he's not really dominican. The fact of the matter is that he's wearing your national colors wherever he goes and he's got a beautiful dominican flag in his shirt.

What you have to really consider is that he represents your country everywhere he goes and not speaking spanish clearly shouldn't diminish his accomplishments.

I'm venezuelan and my country has only won one gold medal in boxing (coincidence perhaps?) in the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico. We've won other medals but we got only one gold in our history. So I know how hard is for our countries to win anything.

Congratulations again and enjoy the moment, I would.