Friday, December 17

Dodgers did not tried hard enough

Adrian Beltre signed with the Mariners, not the Dodgers, the team who signed him and watched him struggles at times.

"the Dodgers did not shown much interest in me" said Beltre in an interview with El Caribe (free registration required).

"I feel happy, I gave a lot of thought because of the amount of money involved, but I hope and trust in god that everything will be OK"

Dodgers offered only 9 millions per season.

"Seattle were more interested than the Dodgers", "the Dodgers offer was around 9 millions and that's was their final offer, they want to look like they don't have any money".

"Boston offer was near 13 millions, but they signed Renteria first"

Well it seems that the Dodgers are the new Royals.

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