Wednesday, January 5

Around the Dominican Winter League

The Dominican Baseball League is looking for a taker for Estrellas,
the team is under the league administration, Estrellas made the
playoffs unlike Escogido that missed it for the second straight

Licey could have a outfield full of stars with Vladimir Guerrero in
Right, Jose Guillen in left and Oakland's Eric Byrnes in Center.

The Shell company gave yesterday their annually awards "los
dominicanos primero" (Dominican first), these awards are given
every year to the Dominican Players in recognition of the work done
during the season.

The ceremonial was dedicated to hall of famer Juan Marichal.

Tony Batista signed a 2 year 15 million contract with a team in
Japan, maybe he'll loose some weight with the training they have

Oalands Eric Byrnes claims that playing in the winter had helped
him in his major league career, this is the fourth time here for

Julio Franco is 46, but he can hit, he had 2hr in the first game of
the playoffs.

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