Thursday, January 6

Odalis Flying to LA, the big mouth is on again

Odalis Perez is flying today to LA (Dodgers, not copy cat Angels) to take the physical and sign the contract according to his own words in a interview he gave to Hoy news paper.

He can just don't know how to shut his mouth

" We're going to be part of a team now that can win, because the people who was not making contributions is gone" said Perez after a training session in Estadio Quisqueya prior to Estrellas-Licey game.

So the people who doesn't make contribution left? Adrian Beltre? Jose Lima? Steve Finley? Alex Cora? Shawn Green? Well, apparently Odalis lost his mind.

He values the signing of Jose Valentin? I agree with Jeff Kent, but Jose Valentin? Give me a break!!

No regrets to Omar Minaya for not traveling to the DR to meet him. Well what can he do about it?

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